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  • You get one (1) FREE listing per Registered Vendor.
  • Your deal will be live for 30 days or until deal expires.
  • Up to 4 images/ 400 words/ 1MB upload
  • Unlimited edits so you can re-list after 30 days.

There are no additional fees for participating in Love To Save deals but in order to participate you, as a seller, need to meet our submissions criteria. Please note, changes may occur to our criteria and submission at any moment. We cannot guarantee your listing will get published. We reserve the right to include, edit or remove your listing at our discretion.


To join you must first Register. Verify your account by checking your email including junk mail too. Sometimes spam filters dislike us. We've got no idea why.

Vendor Criteria

  • Your business must have a registered street address. No "PO BOX".
  • You must have a valid Tax File Number.
  • Your business must have a valid website, online store or social media profile page to link back to.
  • Follow these simple guidelines to improve your ad visibility, reputation, and to help your deal get published.


  1. State clearly what your deal is offering in your title. Be descriptive – a title that simply states “Big Sale at John's Warehouse” is not as effective as “40% off Womens Yoga Leggings + Free Shipping” OR state specific product name or model.
  2. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. End the discount amounts with round numbers such as 0 or 5 (25% instead of 28%)
  4. State any terms or conditions of the deal/ offer in your product description. For example "Get $20 off kids wear for purchases over $100. *Stocks limited. Sale ends 31/12/17".


    1. No abbreviations or emoji's. Example: "4 U"
    2. We have already linked your website page to your Deal so no need for links.
    3. Don’t worry about posting your phone number. Your deals are linked to your business website where all your details should be already listed on your page.
    4. Filler characters that serve no purpose in the description are not allowed. Example: "**********" or "!!!!!!!!"
    5. Capital letters should only be used when grammatically correct.

Step by Step Guide to Posting

Need a little extra help posting a deal online? Simply fill in our submission form similar to the sample below.

Once your post or deal submission is approved it should appear like this when live on our website:

If you have any queries regarding your submission or require more assistance, please complete our contact form here.

We Do Not Accept

  • Duplicate deals or coupons. Please search our website prior to posting. All duplicates will be removed and points deducted.
  • Adult websites, gambling sites, charity links, private competitions or sales, affiliate links.
  • Multiple (ghost) accounts for existing users/ vendors. You will be banned altogether.
  • Spammy messages or rude language.

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