12 Ways to Help You Save Money Instantly!

Check weekly supermarket specials

Check the weekly supermarket specials and compare store prices. Stock up when the price is right & most importantly, choose your bargains wisely.

To minimise waste stock up on non-perishables such as tin or dry foods, toilet paper & cleaning products. Buy fresh foods and meat that are on special that can freeze or store well. TIP: do keep an eye on the expiry date. Be your own judge on how much you & your family consume.

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Plan your meals ahead

Plan your meals ahead of time and stick to it. This particularly helps when budgeting or to avoid splurging on takeaways. TIP: embrace leftovers. Always cook a little extra so you can take some to work or when hunger strikes. This particularly works well with spaghetti, casseroles, soups, curries, or roasts.

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Bag your own snacks

Bag your own snacks in convenient grab & go bags. We all love to snack! Purchase dried fruits & nuts in bulk. Or, bake your own cookies, bars or slices. Store them in individual sized bags so you can place in lunch boxes or handbags on the run e.g zip lock sandwich bags or mini tubs.

I consider these lifesavers during long excruciating drives with the kids or mid afternoon hunger pangs. We all know buying pre-packaged snacks at the convenient store costs a fortune. This will help you save lots!

Purchase health food snacks in bulk to get the best deal & to avoid that 3pm Cadbury o'clock. Photo credit: PEXELS

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Check you are getting the best deal

Have an annual health check on insurance, power companies, mortgages, personal loans, account fees, phone & internet plans etc…Make a habit of comparing plans and prices. Companies are often willing to negotiate if you can find a better deal. It doesn’t hurt to ask & could potentially save you thousands.

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Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables

Buy fresh food and vegetables that are locally grown & in season. Not only does it taste great, you pay far less than produce that is out of season. It helps to research seasonal recipes & plan ahead.

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Avoid the clothes dryer if possible

Use the clothes dryer sparingly. It uses tonnes of power. On wet days, hang your clothes indoors or in the sunroom then touch up briefly in the dryer.

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Wait for the clearance sales

Shop for mid-season or end of season clothing where prices are slashed or companies need to get rid of excess stock. Even if it means buying larger sizes for kids so that it will fit next year. TIP: Try to buy classic pieces that won’t go out of style.

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Try making coffee at home

Try to cut down on take out coffee. Treat yourself maybe once or twice a week instead. Make your own coffee at home or take it to work in a travel mug/ flask.

Yum! Homemade coffee. OK, but think of the money you'll save (said no one ever!) Photo credit: PEXELS

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Cancel all subscriptions

Opt out of memberships or subscriptions such as magazines and other luxury items such as health & beauty. Ask yourself, do you really need them?

These days you can find free e-books, news or gossip columns online. Or just borrow from the library. Shop for food, health & beauty products only when needed or on special. Subscription companies count on our laziness to cancel or hope to up sell on other premium products.

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Attend free family events

Keep an eye open for free family events and activities especially during school holidays. Rather than going to expensive shows & movies, you can simply take them to the park, pools, play games, ride a bike, learn how to cook, invite friends and family over.

You will be surprised how very little it takes to keep the kids entertained if you are truly involved!

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Bring your own lunch to work

Cut back on bought lunches including drinks at work. Pack either leftovers or prepare your meals the night before. Bring your own water and fresh juice/ smoothies in the morning. You will save up to $15-20 per day!

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Dine at happy hour or order the specials

Who doesn’t love to eat out? Although it’s nice to treat yourself and catch up with family & friends, it’s possible to find great eats at reasonable prices. Check out popular eateries in your area, some of the best cheap eats are published or blogged about. Avoid alcohol if possible because that adds a substantial amount to your final bill. Boo hoo!

So go on, treat yourself to a non-cooking or date night. Who says you can't have your cake & eat it too?

Hopefully my tips will give you a mini burst of inspiration on how you can save money instantly. Remember, any savings you do make, put it towards that well earned holiday. After all, we deserve a reward.

If you are knee deep in debt, help pay off that personal loan, mortgage or credit card. Focus on reducing those higher interest loans first and tackle them one by one like a boss!

* This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy here.


12 Ways to Save Money Instantly

* This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy Here.

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